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product optionSMALL/OATMEAL084.95
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product optionSMALL/FENNEL084.95
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product optionSMALL/BLU STEEL084.95
product optionMEDIUM/BLU STEEL084.95
product optionLARGE/BLU STEEL084.95
product optionX LARGE/BLU STEEL084.95
product optionXX LARGE/BLU STEEL084.95
product option3X LARGE/BLU STEEL084.95
product option4X LARGE/BLU STEEL084.95
product option5X LARGE/BLU STEEL084.95

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Our Aylsham fleece waistcoat is a useful addition to any wardrobe. Perfect for warmer days worn over a shirt or ideal as an extra layer underneath a coat.

The waistcoat has a robust front zipper and has two handy zipped pockets. The waist can be adjusted to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. Contrast piping around the armholes, on the collar and either side of the zip is a stylish addition.

• Classic Fit
• Centre Front Zipper
• Two Zipped Pockets
• Adjustable Waist
• Mock Suede Under Collar & Surrounding Zip Binding
• Can be zipped into an Durham Ladies Coat to provide an extra layer of warmth
• 100% Polyester
• Machine Washable

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