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product option40 INCH/LANDSCAPE0129.98
product option42 INCH/LANDSCAPE0129.98
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product option46 INCH/LANDSCAPE0129.98
product option48 INCH/LANDSCAPE0129.98
product option50 INCH/LANDSCAPE0129.98
product option38 INCH/LOVAT0129.98
product option40 INCH/LOVAT0129.98
product option42 INCH/LOVAT1129.98
product option44 INCH/LOVAT0129.98
product option46 INCH/LOVAT0129.98
product option48 INCH/LOVAT0129.98
product option50 INCH/LOVAT0129.98

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If the occasion calls for something smart then our Compton Mens Tweed Blazer with its 100% water repellent outer certainly ‘fits the bill’.

Superbly tailored with a 3 button front closure, double back vents, ticket pocket, two internal pockets along with its contrast lining tonal with the tweed over check to complete the look. This exquisite garment will certainly be a valued addition to any wardrobe.

• Water Repellent Outer
• Double Back Vent
• Ticket Pocket
• Secure Inside Pocket
• Contrast Lining Matching Over Check
• 100% Tweed Wool

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