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A classic cotton check shirt is an absolute must for both on and off the field and we have just the shirt for you!

A perennial favourite our Ilkley gents shirt is crafted from a soft, minimal iron pure cotton fabric. With its classic shooting silhouette this product allows you to take unhindered movement when it matters. Usefully it’s also cut to a longer length and features a handy chest pocket.

• Soft Minimal Iron Cotton Fabric
• 4 Piece Back Yoke With Centre Back Pleat For Added Comfort
• Classic Collar With Built In Stiffeners
• Soft Fused Collar To Create A Superior Supple Shape
• Generous Cut Ensuring Ease Of Movement
• Cut To A Longer Length For Comfort
• Left Hand Chest Pocket With Alan Paine Crest Embroidery
• Single Cuff With Additional Button Hole To Allow Cuff Links When Required
• Shooting Fit
• 100% Cotton

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